How Jakob Schnitker Styles His Funky Thrift Finds

The artist and barista at Mom ’n ’em upcycles thrift store finds for a uniquely weird style.

OCCUPATION: Barista at Mom ’n ’em and artist (@_lo_sant_ on Instagram)

STYLE: Eclectic and secondhand

How would you describe your personal style?

It doesn’t really fit into one specific category. I pretty much exclusively thrift all of my clothes. A lot of it is just whatever jumps out at me. It’s not necessarily anything intentional but whatever I gravitate toward. I like to play around with different silhouettes. I’ll do tight clothes one day, super baggy another day.

What tends to jump out at you?

Definitely primary colors. I love funky patterns and cool textures. The textile is probably the main thing that jumps out to me. Sometimes I’ll see a print that I really love, but the feel of the fabric just isn’t very nice or feels kind of cheap. I like things that feel a little more weighty and substantial.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I have three older sisters, so one of my sisters wouldn’t necessarily fully dress me but [had] a heavy influence on my fashion when I was a younger teenager. But moving to the city has helped me feel a little bit more confident to wear weird clothes. I’m from a small town. I dressed different than everyone else already, but since I’ve lived here, I’ve felt a little more freedom to go out-of-the-box a little more.

What role does thrifting play in your style?

I’ve been thrifting my whole life because my mom would take me and my sisters when we were little kids. I feel like it became more of a passion thing a little bit later on. I started exclusively thrifting probably four, five years ago. Pretty much every piece of clothing I own is secondhand. I don’t think I’ve bought a new piece of clothing other than socks and underwear in the past five years, which is super fun. The thrill of it is you can’t really decide exactly what you want. You just have to wait and find it.

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