Hangry Omar’s Has a New Take on the Classic Slider

This addition to the Covington Yard “booze and food hall” concept satisfies with elevated versions of classic mini-burgers.

Photograph by Dylan Bauer

Hangry Omar’s, a new concept from Rich’s Proper Food & Drink, offers creative and highly addictive takes on the slider. That meshes perfectly with Covington Yard’s “booze and food hall” concept—a quick and tasty way to soak up those beers. But unlike the grease-soaked, slightly viscous sliders that most of us are all too familiar with, these sliders are just as good the morning after. For one thing, they’re big: almost veering into actual sandwich territory (I have what can charitably be described as a “healthy appetite” and filled up after just three). First up was the West Coast slider: a beef patty with onions, pickles, American cheese, and “1001 Island Sauce.” It’s a simple burger, but each ingredient was elevated, from the crispy, razor-thin patty to the translucent onions and surprisingly sweet sauce to the toasted, buttery potato bun.

While the West Coast slider evoked a California burger shack, the pork belly slider was like attending a summer picnic. The soft pork belly, pickled slaw, and tangy barbecue sauce hit all the notes of a good pulled pork sandwich. For vegetarians, the smoky tempeh slider with American cheese, buffalo sauce, and tomatillo relish will do the trick and then some. I rounded out my meal with a side of fries: crispy potato wedges served with “Hangry Sauce,” a smoky mustard with a bit of kick. If you’re looking to refuel for your night out in Covington, Hangry Omar’s is the ideal filling station.

Hangry Omar’s (at Covington Yard), 401 Greenup St., Covington

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