Go On a Prehistoric Adventure at Trammel Fossil Park

Sharonville’s Trammel Fossil Park is a real-life archaeology dig for kids!

It’s August and you’re probably running out of things to do, which, as a parent, is a very dangerous position in which to find yourself. But something I’ve learned in the past 18+ months is that kids don’t really need the big amusement parks and bucket-list-level attractions (though they are fun!); they really just want to play and explore. And this is exactly why Trammel Fossil Park is such a fun hidden gem.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

Trammel Fossil Park is located in a heavily industrial area of Sharonville. From the road, this “park” looks like any other hilly, undeveloped area off the interstate. It’s 10 acres of rocky, rugged terrain, exposed to the elements—and totally rich with remnants from the past.

The park is unique: It’s one of the only places to dig for fossils in Cincinnati that’s safe and accessible. Since the plot of Trammel Fossil Park has never been disturbed, there’s an abundance of fossils available at the tip of your fingers (or shovel). Plus, admission is free—and you can take whatever fossils you find.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

Off the parking lot you’ll find a pavilion with bench seating and lots of signs explaining what fossils you can find and how those fossils were formed. Along the hillside, plaques label each formation name. These hillsides contain fossils up to 450 million years old!

Trammel Fossil Park is a wonderful place to take kids for an active afternoon rich with learning opportunities and fun. And for kids, is there anything better than digging for real live buried treasure?

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

A few tips: if you have younger kids, bring a carrier, as the terrain is a bit unwieldy at times. And long pants and closed-toe shoes work best for your kiddo’s archeology dig.

Trammel Fossil Park, on Tramway Drive in Sharonville, is open year-round and admission is free.

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