‘Georgia O’Keeffe, Photographer’ Opens at Cincinnati Art Museum

Explore the photography work of Georgie O’Keeffe at the Cincinnati Art Museum February 3–May 7.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Photographer, a collection of photographed works by the famous American Modernist painter Georgia O’Keeffe, will be featured at the Cincinnati Art Museum starting on Friday.

Todd Webb, Georgia O’Keeffe with Camera, 1959, printed later, inkjet print, Todd Webb Archive. © Todd Webb Archive, Portland, Maine, USA

While many are familiar with the beautiful floral paintings and colorful landscapes by O’Keeffe, the exhibition will be the first major investigation into her 30-year photography career.

The idea for this behind the lens exhibit blossomed after a conversation between Lisa Volpe, curator of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and Cody Hartley, director of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe. “It was just one of those chats among museum folks,” says Cincinnati Art Museum Curator of Photography Nathaniel Stein. “Cody had just mentioned that there’s all these photographs that we had seen and nobody really knows what they are.” And so they decided to change that.

The exhibit, organized in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, features more than 100 photographs by O’Keeffe alongside a selection of paintings, drawings, and objects that tell the story of her use of the camera. “For many years, we have thought about O’Keeffe as someone who was very often photographed by others, but we really did not know until this project that she was a photographer in her own right,” says Stein.

O’Keeffe, Road from Abiquiu

The new exhibit has been touring museums around the United States since 2021, and Cincinnati is the exhibit’s last stop before closing. “This is a chance to re-meet someone you think you already know and learn something new about her” says Stein.

The exhibit opens to the public on February 3. Tickets are $12 and available for purchase at the museum and online.

Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Dr., (513) 721-2787, cincinnatiartmuseum.org

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