Floral Verde Owner Janet Martineau Talks Wedding Floral Dos and Don’ts


Ranking among The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” for the past three years, Janet Martineau of Floral Verde talks floral dos and don’ts in this year’s bridal landscape.

What colors are trending right now?

White and blush have been popular for a long time in the Cincinnati market, but I am starting to see more bright and bold color palettes—think corals, oranges, and rust tones. Those photograph really beautifully and add a lot to the space. I’m really excited about that trend.

Which flowers are most popular?

Peonies are always popular, but they’re not always available [beyond spring]. Dahlias are the peonies of fall but spikier. Anemones are also favorites, but they’re a cool-weather bulb flower that looks best November through April. I think the key is to use things that are seasonal, because they’re always going to look better than a flower that is out of season.

Is there any benefit to using locally sourced flowers, in terms of cost or freshness?

Sourcing locally is doable from maybe May through mid-October. I personally have about five local growers that I go through. But I think, for a lot of weddings, people want the most bang for their buck, and sometimes South American roses or hydrangeas, for example, are going to be your cheapest options.

Any floral faux pas brides should be aware of?

You don’t want to spend your money across too many items. Start with your statement pieces—the bridal bouquet, the centerpieces—before you start putting the flowers on every chair or place setting. People are going to remember where you have really nice flowers and where you skimped, but they’re not going to think about the places where you don’t have flowers.

What’s the best way to preserve your bouquet after the big day?

Honestly, my favorite way is to get a painting of it done. If you really want to keep your actual bouquet, Floral V Designs in Bellbrook [can preserve it]. The preservationist is working off of whatever you return to them, so the secret is to have them booked in advance and to get your bouquet back to your florist and back in the cooler as soon as possible. The damage done during the big day can never be undone during the preservation process.

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