Five Spots Where Ice Cream’s Not the Only Treat

Grab some extra non-frozen treats while you’re enjoying a scoop.

Next time you visit these cool confectioners, grab some extra non-frozen treats while you’re enjoying a scoop.

Handcrafted Chocolates

It’s true that Graeter’s is the ice cream king around these parts—but the company’s handcrafted chocolates are queen. The next time you’re satisfying your craving for a pint of black raspberry chip, snag some opera creams or every Ohioan’s favorite chocolate-and-peanut-butter treat, buckeyes.

Gourmet Confections

Aglamesis Bro’s has a bountiful selection of ice cream and Italian ice, but its passion for making great confectionery treats knows no bounds. Whether you go with one of the many types of chocolate boxes, a bag of jelly beans, or Easter cream eggs, you can’t go wrong.

Bubble Tea

People love Milk Jar’s rolled ice cream offerings but the shop’s bubble tea is probably its most popular item. This Taiwanese iced tea takes our taste buds where no beverage has gone before. Get your fix with a classic tapioca boba or shake things up with a pudding. Whatever you choose, it’ll be delicious.

Opera Creams

Yes, Schneider’s does serve ice cream, but its real claim to fame is its opera creams. Legend has it the sweet treat gets its name because they were handed out during intermissions at Music Hall. We believe it. Schneider’s rich creams and dark chocolate will make your mouth sing.


Everyone loves the gelato at Buona Terra. But don’t let the macarons pass you by. From lemon to blackberry to chocolate, this light, airy cookie sandwich with meringue-based filling will have you feeling like you’re walking the streets of your favorite Parisian arrondissement.

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