Find Your New Favorite Local Coffee Roast

No matter your coffee preference, you can keep your beans local with these Cincinnati-roasted blends.

Struggling to find your perfect coffee blend? We’ve broken it down for you. Check out our crash-course on local coffee roasts and select the one that’s right for your taste.

Dark Roast

If you like: A robust, full-bodied flavor with a bold, smoky taste

Try: Coffee Emporium’s “Raven’s Blend”

Bittersweet and smoky, this blend of African and South American coffees has been thoughtfully roasted to bring out the best of the flavors from each of its origin countries.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Medium-Dark Roast

If you like: A hearty roast that packs less of a punch than its darker cousin

Try: La Terza’s “Hyde Park Blend”

With notes of dark cocoa, brown sugar, and green apple, this bold, full-bodied house blend is a local favorite.

Medium Roast

If you like: An agreeable, crowd-pleasing flavor profile

Try: Awakenings’s Highlander Grogg

Hints of butterscotch, rum, and vanilla intermingle in this popular autumn pick-me-up that takes its name from any one of the alcoholic beverages that sustained Highlanders through the cold.

Blonde Roast

If you like: A blend that’s fruity, rather than smoky—crisp and acidic, rather than heavy

Try: Deeper Roots’s Gatta Anaerobic

This Ethiopian blend is sweet and fruity with a well-rounded flavor profile and tropical notes of blue raspberry, pineapple, and kiwi.


If you like: A full-bodied pick-me-up, minus the jitters

Try: Carabello Coffee’s Decaf Organic Mexico

Decaf tends to get a bad rap, but this Kentucky-roasted blend delivers a first-rate experience with notes of vanilla, cocoa, nougat, and caramel.

Cold Brew

If you like: A crisp, no-fuss drink that’s ready to go when you are

Try: Coffee Emporium’s Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew

No need to head to the coffee shop for this summertime favorite. You can find Coffee Emporium’s pre-bottled cold brew in coolers across the tri-state.

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