Find Old-Fashioned Fun at The W Lounge

Relive memories of the 1970s at this Wyoming bar.

Take a trip back in time—to the ’70s, to be exact—when you visit The W Lounge. This self-proclaimed “groovy pad” offers an intimate yet upscale option for your next night out. The bright colors, shag rug, and beaded curtains offer good vibes and a welcoming, far-out feel from the moment you step inside.

The cocktails themselves will give you all the good vibes. Sample the aptly titled W Lounge Old Fashioned, for starters. It’s made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, muddled Luxardo cherry, orange, and simple syrup. The W Lounge Martini (an old family recipe) is a delightfully unique take on a classic favorite, where Grey Goose vodka meets mint, lime, and pineapple juice. Finally, don’t skip the Deep Sam. Expertly crafted with Kraken black spiced rum, peach schnapps, triple sec, and a special house tropical juice blend, it’s sure to make you want to boogie.

“Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the 1970s,” owner Mary Sweet says. “Mid-Century Modern style is an evolution of the original Art Deco of the 1920s and ’30s and will never go out of fashion. It is timeless and fluid.” Just like The W Lounge.

The W Lounge, 518 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming, (513) 873-8277

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