Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce Was Born in Covington

Nathanael Nunemaker’s garden bounty led him to create Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce, a brand that emphasizes flavor before heat.

Photograph courtesy of Jeremy Kramer

Nathanael Nunemaker’s dreams of being a self-sufficient homesteader recently yielded a “hot” idea. “I started growing fruits and veggies in the middle of Covington, and one thing just led to another,” says the Union, Kentucky, native. “I had bundles of jalapeño peppers that I grew and wanted to find the best way to preserve them, so we decided on hot sauce for our preservation method.” The result is Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce. Nunemaker makes small batches of hot sauce from scratch in three flavors: Kentucky Tang (mild), Curry Jalapeño (medium), and Smokehouse Habanero (hot). “Just about every hot sauce brand out there just tries to create the hottest stuff they can,” Nunemaker says. “I wanted to perfect flavor and then bring the heat.”

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