Everywhere a Sign

Highlights of the American Sign Museum’s expansion this summer.


The nationally awarded American Sign Museum has gotten some plus-ups just in time for summer tourism season. Here are some of the news things to look out for among the neon lights.

The Annex’s Arrival

You’ll feel like you’re on a long nighttime walk through Times Square once the American Sign Museum opens its annex to the public July 13 & 14, doubling the size of the museum and the number of signs on display. The expansion will create areas for events, special exhibitions, a classroom, and meeting space with a movie screen.

A Yes-Tell Motel

The annex features a double-faced neon sign from the Stag Motel in Beaver, Utah, exuding the rustic, woodsy outdoors feel that vacationers coming west wanted in the 1950s. Its “chasing lights” appear to float down toward the tip of an arrow.

Wall of Fame

The vividly colorful Wards Soft Bun Sliced Bread sign was painted onto the lapped wooden siding of a three-story Chicago building in the 1930s and uncovered in 2022 when workers removed aluminum siding. Museum founder Tod Swormstedt and a crew painstakingly removed it board by board and reassembled the wall in the new annex.

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