Country Music Up-and-Comer Raleigh Keegan Is Still Thirsty for Some Cincinnati Favorites

Cincinnati native Raleigh Keegan sings about summer love, summer heartbreak, and the drinks he’ll never forget on new single “Drink for That.”

Raleigh Keegan couldn’t wait for report card day. The Cincinnati native with the wide smile always knew that if he snagged straight As during any given semester, he would be rewarded handsomely by his parents…with a trip to Skyline Chili.

“My parents promised to take us wherever we wanted to go if our grades were good enough,” remembers the breakout country star. “My brother would always want to get Chinese food, but I always wanted Skyline. And I know it sounds silly, but I loved the Sierra Mist that they had there. That place still brings back such fond memories.”

Photograph courtesy Sean McGee

Granted, it’s not the only place that remains firmly in the country artist’s memories. Keegan currently resides in Nashville as he pursues his dreams of country music stardom via eclectic songs such as “Long Line of Lovers,” “Handyman,” and “Another Good Day.” But there was a time when Keegan was just another kid growing up in just another neighborhood in Ohio, relishing in the simplicity and sweetness of his younger years.

Like us all, Keegan grew up. But he still craves little pieces of home.

For example, when Keegan sings songs such as his new single “Drink For That,” which he co-wrote with Matt Rogers and Eric Torres.

“There was many a summer that I experienced heartbreak,” recalls Keegan, who has shared the stage with acts such as Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, and Florida Georgia Line. “What’s cool about this song is that it combines the truth of that with a super, upbeat jam. It’s not just another break-up song with drinks in it. It’s different, and that’s why I love it.”

In tribute to “Drink to That,” Keegan sat down with us to reminisce about a few of his favorite places to go for a drink—and a bite to eat—in the Cincinnati area, whether to raise a toast, drown his sorrows, or quench his thirst.

And yes, chances are y’all will recognize some of his favorites.


“I love the beer that they make [at March First Brewing]. That’s one of my favorite places.”


“I really like it, mostly because I am a beer snob, and [Yard House has] like 140 different beers. I love doing flights there, plus I love the view from the one in Cincinnati on The Banks looking out onto the river and stuff. I have such fond memories of that place. My brother had his bachelor party there and I remember chugging a whole yard of beer.”


“I have always loved Graeter’s Ice Cream but never had gotten coffee from there. But then, a friend from high school told me that what I needed to do was mix their coffee with their ice cream, and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. That combo is definitely a hidden gem.”


“[Third Eye Brewing Company] just has this super cool vibe. It was really close to my high school, so that was interesting. I mean, it was literally across the street from my high school, so that’s how I found it. You gotta wonder who picked that location.”


“The half-price drinks and appetizers [at Applebee’s were] always awesome. There was one near my house and going over there to enjoy a Blue Moon in the middle of the summer…there was nothing better.”

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