Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey Fresh From One of These Local Spots

Here’s one way you can support local businesses this holiday season—buy your bird from one of these nearby farms or markets.

The pressure is on to support local businesses this holiday season. Before you begin your meal prep, here’s one way you can shop local for Thanksgiving—buy your bird from a local farm or market. It may seem like instinct to pick up a turkey from the supermarket, but this act can go a long way for these businesses.

Photograph courtesy of Bowman & Landes

Bowman & Landes

By far, Bowman & Landes has the widest range of turkey products available this holiday season. Depending on your combination of qualities, prices range from $3.69 to $7.99 a pound. Get a turkey with or without a non-GMO diet, pre-cooked, smoked or glazed, or bone-in or boneless. In addition, you can add on a Dorothy Lane Heavenly Ham, turkey broth or gravy, or a variety of baked desserts at checkout.
6490 Ross Rd., New Carlisle, (937) 845-9466

Valley View Turkey Farm

Valley View Turkey Farm’s turkeys are free range, and fed a corn-and-soybean meal packed with vitamins and minerals. This year, they have raised 1,000 turkeys available for order for $3.35 a pound. Available for purchase are whole turkeys, ranging from 16 to 30 pounds, or half turkeys (one leg, one wing and half a breast), which are 10 to 16 pounds and suggested for smaller gatherings.
4900 Yankee Rd., Liberty Township, (513) 779-4546

Stehlin’s Meat Market

Stehlin’s Meat Market is accepting orders on their fresh turkeys which range from 13 to 35 pounds. Their turkeys are coming from Huismann’s Egg & Poultry in Harrison and will be available for $3.69 a pound. Smaller turkeys go quickly so place your order as soon as possible.
10134 Colerain Ave., Bevis, (513) 385-6164

Tewes Farm

Tewes Farm is perfect for the family who is looking for a little less prep with their turkeys as they specialize in pre-dressed birds. They are fed a corn meal with no hormones of any kind and are free range. (They say, “you can see them from the road!”) They sell them from 17 to 40 pounds, with the option to buy a half one, at $3.25 a pound and you can even buy extra parts to make your gravy.
2801 Crescent Springs Pike, Erlanger, (859) 341-8844

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