Butt Shack BBQ Grill

Butt Shack BBQ Grill

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Snicker if you must. Just get ready to eat: Options range from the standard pulled pork and beef brisket to sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, even smoked sausage—order it “Shack’s Way,” topped with pulled pork, slaw, and house sauce. The Shack’s pulled pork is all right, though we found it a bit chewy. Your best bet, in our humble opinion, is the baby back ribs. Owner Andy Castle starts the ribs with his signature dry rub for two hours before smoking low and slow for another four to six hours. Castle sticks to 100 percent hardwood—apple or cherry if he can find it, but also uses oak and sugar maple—for rib meat so tender it might fall off the bone if you look at it wrong. “We cook everything to order. It takes more work, but I’m happy with the results,” he says. Be warned: The sweet-yet-savory Johnnycakes are crave-worthy. Cornbread pancakes fried on the griddle, they’ll guarantee your rear end ends up back in the shack. 

Butt Shack BBQ Grill, 4 Endicott St., Greenhills, (513) 648-0618, buttshackgrill.com

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