Busken Bakery Offers Comic Relief With Toilet Paper–Shaped Cakes

You can pick up the quarantine cakes from the bakery’s Hyde Park location.

With all the uncertainty and scary headlines surrounding COVID-19, it’s important to remember to find something to smile and laugh about. Busken Bakery is here to provide customers a little comic relief with a toilet paper–shaped cake.

Photograph courtesy of Busken Bakery

The idea for such a cake actually came from Chicago-based baker Sophie Evanhoff of Vanille Patisserie. Busken’s Vice President, Brian Busken, asked Evanhoff what she was doing to attract business during these uncertain times, and she texted a picture of her bakery’s toilet paper–shaped cakes and told him they were flying off the shelves. Evanhoff then encouraged Brian to run with the idea here in Cincinnati.

With encouragement from Busken baker Bob Holtman, who also proposed the idea of making quarantine cakes for small family celebrations during Ohio’s shelter-in-place order, Brian decided to start selling his own version of toilet paper–shaped cakes with the inscription Just roll with it added to each.

“It seemed appropriate as we are dealing with this public health crisis together,” Brian says. “It is important that we continue to laugh together as families and enjoy our time together with our children.”

Brian says Busken might even start including other inscriptions on their quarantine cakes, like Pretend you’re an introvert, Don’t touch your face, and Wash your hands.

Since sending a press release for the quarantine cakes on March 27, Brian says the bakery has already received close to 100 orders for them.

If cake isn’t your go-to sweet, or you want something a little more hands-on for the kiddos, Busken Bakery is also selling DIY cookie decorating kits. Each kit comes with six un-iced cookies, which are the same size as their classic smiley face cookies; a small tub of fondant cookie icing; a writing tube that’s filled with buttercream icing; and a container of spring colored sprinkles.

Call Busken’s Hyde Park location if you’re interested in a quarantine cake or a cookie decorating kit. Pro tip: The bakery requires a two-day notice, and all orders can be picked only at the Hyde Park location. 

Busken Bakery, 2675 Madison Rd., Hyde Park, (513) 871-2114

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