Brides Share Their Best Advice for How to Savor the Moment on Your Wedding Day


Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

We asked nine recently married ladies to share a piece of advice for brides-to-be who might be anxious or stressed about their upcoming nuptials. Here’s what they had to say:

“After you walk (back) down 
the aisle and are officially married, schedule some time to be with your partner, pop some champagne, and celebrate with each other privately before heading back down for photos and the reception. Even just five minutes with each other will go a long way.” —Melanie & Mackenzie Stewart

“Slow down, breathe, look around, smile, enjoy everything, and don’t sweat the small stuff! Something may go wrong, but let it go and enjoy everything that’s right; because it’s all over in what feels like the blink of an eye!” —Paula Wilhelm

“Make sure you make time 
to sneak away with your new husband. We were able to find this very rare alone time during our reception. We snuck outside to sit by the water fountain and just enjoy a moment as husband and wife together. I’ll never forget those quiet 10 or so minutes.” —Cierra Mercer

“Take a moment to humble yourself…think about everyone
 who may have taken time off work, traveled in, ran to the store to buy a razor because the groom missed a spot on his face—the list goes on! Our family and friends made it happen and solved problems for us that we didn’t even know about until
 after the fact.” 
—Molly Villari

“It is OK if your wedding day
 is not the greatest day of your life. 
My wedding wasn’t. I was very nervous about standing in front of the crowd, and I had a lot of anxiety about it. That is OK! These big parties aren’t for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong if it’s all just a little bit too much for you!” —Jamie Dawn Schlanser

“Take some time the
morning of to meditate, a shot
 of bourbon, whatever your ‘thing’ 
is. Seriously, anything that doesn’t go the way you planned doesn’t even matter. Relax, girl. No one will know but YOU. Enjoy your big day, and stop at least once to look around and truly take it all in. The day will fly by.” 
—Nicole Dagenbach

“Take your time walking 
down the aisle! Embrace every moment of that walk, from the ambience of the venue and the music playing to the groom’s smiling face—it is something to forever treasure.” —Rachel Swillinger

“Hire a wedding coordinator! We loved ours…made our day so much easier, and it was priceless to have someone to trust with the little details.” 
—Lucia Garrett

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