Blue Ice Cream Is Always a Treat

You don’t have to pay amusement park prices to get a taste of this Cincinnati classic.

Blue blueberry-flavored ice cream first appeared at Kings Island in 1982 as a tie-in product for the Smurf’s Enchanted Village, a ride based off the popular comic and TV show. When the ride ditched its Smurf-y theme in 1992, Kings Island stopped serving the ice cream, much to the chagrin of park patrons. Quickly reinstituted due to popular demand, the treat is now one of the park’s—and the city’s—most iconic summer treats, served at numerous establishments throughout the region. Check out any of these venues to get your blueberry fix while avoiding the amusement park lines.

JULY 2022


The Cone
The Cone took its own approach to blue ice cream by adding natural ingredients. “We actually add blueberries to ours,” says Keith Wren, The Cone’s owner, “so it has a natural blueberry flavor.” The creamy whip’s version of the blue ice cream was so successful that they now ship the flavor to businesses around the country via their in-house distribution company, Hawaiian Five-OH. 6855 Tylersville Rd., West Chester, (513) 779-7040

General Custer’s Golf & Gulp
General Custer’s Golf & Gulp went through a pain-staking process to get blue ice cream flavor just right. “We taste tested about eight different recipes that we came up with,” owner Keith Heinlein says. “Everybody loves it, and they consider it to be just like Kings Island.” What’s more, you can chill out with your ice cream at one of the venue’s two 18-hole mini golf courses. 3325 Westbourne Dr., North Bridgetown, (513) 922-9120

Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar
Samantha Pryor, long time manager of Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, says she and her employees got many requests for blue ice cream because “a lot of people don’t want to pay the admission [at Kings Island].” But convenience isn’t the only thing this dairy bar offers. It’s the only venue on this list with a “monster” cone—a whopping 32-ounce ice cream cone in any flavor, including that iconic blue. (For some perspective, the small ice cream cup is only 12 oz.) Go big or go home. 7840 Hamilton Ave., Mt. Healthy, (513) 522-1288

Norwood Delite Creamy Whip
This small, homey venue has been carrying the blue ice cream flavor for at least 10 years, according to the owner Janet Huneke. Although the Norwood Delite originally made its own version of the ice cream, it now receives shipments from the same distributor as Kings Island, Prairie Farms. “You’re thinking blueberry,” she says, describing the appeal of the color. “That’s the way it should look.” In other words, you know you’re getting the real deal. 4490 Forest Ave., Norwood, (513) 841-1114

Putz’s Creamy Whip
Putz’s didn’t always have its blue ice cream on hand every season. “It got so popular we had to get an extra machine, so we could run it all the time,” co-owner Mary Leach says. It’s a good thing, too. The creamy whip doesn’t limit its customers to the classic blue cones but also allows them to mix the flavor with other menu items, including the Cyclones—your choice of ice cream flavor mixed with candy toppings in a cup. We guarantee you won’t have trouble finding a combo to your liking. 2673 Putz Pl., Westwood, (513) 681-8668

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