A Newport Fairy Tale At Jerry’s Jug House

Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in Newport’s East Row—there are fairies afoot.
Fairy's Jug House is the Newport watering hole for all your magical friends. // PHOTO BY HATSUE

The fairies first arrived in Newport in the mid-2010s, packing up their acorn-cap chairs and mushroom tables in the dead of night. They took up residence on sidewalks and concrete steps, marked not by fairy dust or mystical circles, but by tiny, inches-tall doors. Today, it’s hard to walk more than a few yards in Newport’s East Row district without spotting one. Some are simple: tiny, arched doorways painted and affixed to curbs. Others are elaborate creations: entire fairy compounds built into tree trunks, complete with tiny streetscapes and sprawling moss yards of their own. And then there are the particularly clever doors, like the one at Jerry’s Jug House that leads into Fairy’s Jug House, which is presumably the preeminent (and only) watering hole in town catering to the tiniest Newport residents. Time, weather, and the scourge of door thieves have displaced a few homes. But the community has come out in support of its fairy neighbors, descending upon East Row for “fairy door hunts.” Word to the wise if you’re planning to partake: Keep your eyes low, walk slowly, and don’t forget to pack your imagination.


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