A Happy Meal at Heyday: Burgers, Pies and More

Burgers, pies, and fries share space with pints on this East Walnut Hills spot’s menu.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

At Heyday, the cooks don’t skimp on toppings, particularly sauces, and while this ensures a flavorful burger that’s anything but dry, the bun will do everything in its power to slip-slide away. The patties fit the regular potato buns almost perfectly, which means you’ll have plenty of room for hand-cut fries, the kind you get at fairs and outdoor festivals. An adult combo meal gets you a house burger (two patties, American cheese, lettuce, sweet onion, pickle, and special sauce), fries, and a Common Ale from West Side Brewing. If you aren’t into beer, substitute wine, lemonade, or iced tea. The menu also offers a couple of salads, chicken tenders, and a few more surprises for anyone venturing beyond the classic combo.

This space used to be home to O Pie O, and while it’s sad to see any shop with such a fun name leave, pie hasn’t disappeared from the menu. (O Pie O’s owners are behind Heyday.) The selection rotates, but an Ohio staple, the honey vinegar pie, leads Heyday’s desserts. Don’t let the name put you off—it’s tangy, salty, and sweet, landing in a gray area between a custard pie and a cheesecake. It looks and tastes like the kind of pie crust a seasoned elder brings to Thanksgiving dinner: something made with love, care, and expertise.

Heyday, 1527 Madison Rd., E. Walnut Hills, (513) 274-3238

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