Top 5 Sledding Hills


1) Harbin Park boasts the highest point in Fairfield, and its long hill is perfect for a truly satisfying sled ride. Even the rather arduous trek back up to the top doesn’t diminish the thrill. Harbin Park, 1300 Hunter Rd., (513) 867-5348, 

2) On a snowy day, Mt. Washington’s Stanberry Park is sure to be packed with sled riders. This beautiful wooded park features one of “Cincinnati’s premier sledding hills”, which definitely sounds like a club any kid (or adventurous adult) would be psyched to join. Stanberry Park, 2221 Oxford Ave.,

3) Although Clifton’s Mt. Storm Park is firstly famous for the Temple of Love gazebo-pavilion, its impressive sledding hill comes in at a close second. Mt. Storm Park, 700 LaFayette Ave.,

4) Devou Park in Covington is famous for spectacular city views, and one of the city’s best sled riding hills. Bonus: On a snowy day, the park’s iconic band shell delightfully resembles a huge igloo. Devou Park, 790 Park Ln., (859) 292-2151,

5) As Cincinnati’s oldest park and one of the most popular sled riding destinations, Sharon Woods’ straight-shot, steep incline hill is a fan-favorite on a snow day in the city. Sharon Woods, 11450 Lebanon Rd. (513) 563-4513,


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