Top 5 Public Pools


Summer is officially here and it is time to take note of your nearest swimming pool. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission operates more than two-dozen swimming pools and spray grounds all over the city, and the $35 (adult) annual fee includes them all with only one exception: the Dunham Otto Armleder Regional Aquatic Center, which you can join for $60/individual or $120/family. Consider wading into one of these five options:

1. The Mt. Adams pool may be one of the oldest CRC pools, but tucked into Eden Park, it’s also one of the most scenic. As a shallow pool (maximum depth 4 feet) it may not work for adult lap swimming, but that sounds like too much effort for summertime anyway.

2. The CRC’s Oakley swimming pool got an overhaul in 2016 and now features a splash park and slide. There’s also a deep end for you lap swimmers out there.

3. Dunham Otto Armleder Regional Aquatic Center is one of the CRC’s newer swim complexes. Even at the higher $60 membership price it’s still a great deal and also includes access to the other 25 pools the CRC operates.

4. 3CDC is set to unveil its $31.9 million renovation of Ziegler Park in Over-The-Rhine this summer. The expanded park will include a deep-water pool. You can read more about the Ziegler Park facelift in our June issue.

5. Two words: Typhoon Tower. This “hydro-storm” was added to Coney Island’s Sunlite Pool in 2016. Plus, Sunlite Pool has slides, diving boards, lap lanes, and concessions.

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