Top 5 Places to Watch the Leaves Change

The weather may be warm, but the foliage is telling us that fall is here. Check out some of the Queen City’s most regal views during its most scenic season.

1. The Loveland Bike Trail is the star of the Little Miami State Park. At 70 miles long, the paved trail is nestled against the Little Miami River and makes you feel like you’re exploring somewhere in the northeastern woods. Luckily, its probably a short drive from your backyard. Spend a few hours winding through the various landscapes of Historic Loveland, Milford, Miami Township, Newtown, and Lebanon to see the best this season has to offer.

2. Alms Park in Columbia-Tusculum offers something unique in the way of scenic views: an airport. Watch planes taxi and land through the expansive view of the runway, walk a little way and see a panoramic view of the Kentucky hills, then venture along a little farther to see an exceptional span of the Ohio River. The cooler temperatures and autumnal colors make this the best time of year to spend some time at one of the city’s finest examples of metro parks.

3. The Mt. Airy Forest features an Arboretum that boasts strikingly diverse flora, peaceful lake views, and a charming gazebo. It’s the biggest of Cincinnati’s urban parks, spanning more than 1,500 acres. Spend the day Frisbee-golfing, biking, horseback riding, or just taking in the fall air with Fido at the enclosed dog park.

4. The Ohio River Scenic Byway is a first-rate way to see the rolling hills, rural fields, and majestic views of the river that inspired Longfellow to dub the region “the Queen of the West.” Stop off along the 19th-century river towns that dot the route through Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and take in the stunning colors of the season.

5. Devou Park in Northern Kentucky lets you bask in nature while marveling at fantastic skyline views. More than 700 acres in the hills overlooking Covington and Cincinnati offer a golf course, hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, and countless other entertainment opportunities. Spend the day wearing the kids out or just pack a picnic and enjoy the view(s).

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