Top 5 Places To Cool Your Heels Before Labor Day

Last call for summer fun: After Labor Day, it’s downhill to autumn. Don’t miss your chance to visit Cincinnati’s pools and “spraygrounds” before they close up for the season.

1. Parky’s Pirate Cove
Parky’s Pirate Cove is exactly as awesome as it sounds. Located in Miami Whitewater Forest, the buccaneer-themed playground will fulfill your kid’s Pirates of the Caribbean dreams with a half-sunken ship to climb on and cannons that shoot water. Through Labor Day, 11 am–7 pm, daily; $2 per child, ages 2 to 12; 9001 Mt. Hope Rd., Harrison, (513) 521-7275,

2. Concourse Fountain at Yeatman’s Cove
This shallow pool and fountain is the perfect downtown-adjacent spot for a quick cool-down. You can wade through the large pool, sit on the big concrete stairs, or if you’re really invested in chilling out, stand under the water cascade. Free. 601 East Mehring Way, (513) 352-6180,

3. Sharon Woods Harbor playground
If you’ve only ever been to the Sharon Woods Harbor playground in the fall or spring, then you’ve missed out on some splashy fun in the wet play area. Through Labor Day, 10 am–6 pm, daily; 11450 Lebanon Rd. Sharonville,

4. South Fairmont Sprayground
This west side playground is just one of a half dozen “spraygrounds” built by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission to keep kids cool during hot weather and take the pressure off of pool budgets. Free. Open until Sept 5. 1685 Queen City Ave., South Fairmont; (513) 357-7665,

5. Parky’s Ark
In keeping with the Hamilton County Park’s love for wet playground areas hosted by “Parky,” Winton Woods Harbor has its very own Parky’s Ark wet playground. Almost 20 animal figures (two-by-two, naturally) spray water into the play area. Through Sept 6, 11 am–7 pm daily, weather permitting. $2 per child ages 2–12 or 3 children for $5; 10245 Winton Rd., (513) 521-7275;

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