Top 5 Creamy Whips

Top 5 Creamy Whips
The Cone

Photograph by Keith Wren

Walk-up ice cream joints around Cincinnati are firing up their machines and readying their sprinkles to meet the soft serve–crazed hordes. And while most locals could debate for days over which whip is in fact the creamiest, here are the five spots on our minds right now:

1. The Cone
This is one you can’t miss. Literally. If you drive by and don’t notice the giant ice cream cone on the side of the road, then, like, put down your phone. Located in West Chester, it’s no quick jaunt for city folk, but it’s an experience well worth the drive. Open now, 6855 Tylersville Rd., West Chester,

2. Flub’s Darri-Ette
Also located up north, in Hamilton, Flub’s has a unique name, but also a unique menu. Diverting from the traditional creamy whip servings of sundaes and soft-serve, Flub’s also dishes out delicious sherbet, frozen yogurt, and Italian ice (of which there is a different flavor each day). Open now, 997 Eaton Ave., Hamilton,

3. Putz’s Creamy Whip
With a long local history—including a letter to President Nixon in 1971 that apparently kept I-74 from passing too close and shutting it down—Putz’s is something of an icon on the west side. And being just around the bend from the entrance to Mt. Airy Forest, it’s safe to say  that anyone who cools down with a cone after a long day at the park should be thankful for at least one thing Nixon did. Open now, 2673 Putz Place, Mt. Airy,

4. Newtown Dairy Corner
If you’re looking for an east side fix, look no further than Newtown’s original 1955 creamy whip. Celebrating their 60th year, the family owned and operated shop claims to be the oldest continuously operating creamy whip in Ohio. Opening soon, 3501 Main St., Newtown,

5. Zip Dip
Another west side staple, this stop was opened in 1950 and remains true to its retro character. Head out after dark on a muggy summer night to enjoy the simple pleasure of a cone under the neon glow of Zip’s original sign. Open now, 4050 Drew Ave., Green Township,

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