The Find: Mod-Style Storage Cubes from Simple Wood Goods


Furniture that can do double duty as display space and a moveable storage bin? Yes, please. That’s exactly what Matthew Swaidan had in mind when creating his mod-style wooden storage cube. All of Swaidan’s sleek-but-functional designs—which also include lamps, stools, side tables, and coat hooks—go from idea to prototype to reality in his Camp Washington workshop, Simple Wood Goods. His products’ appeal, however, extends far beyond the Queen City: He’s shipped goods as far away as Europe and India.

Movin’ On Up
Swaidan’s idea for the cube came from a DJ friend who wanted a way to display his vinyl collection at home yet easily transport records to clubs. “The protoypes were very handy when my girlfriend and I moved back to Ohio from Boston, too,” Swaidan says.

All the wood comes from the area, and Swaidan sources his other materials—like the acrylic lids—from nearby as well. “Local tree-care company The Canopy Crew has been supplying me with walnut, cherry, and oak felled from Cincinnati residences,” he says.

Flying Colors
The acrylic fronts and lids can stay open or closed and come in eight colors: some opaque (ideal for that not-so-immaculate catchall bin), some transparent (for showcasing that collection of classic novels or records). He’ll custom-stain the wood if you ask. Find them at

Originally published in the April 2015 issue.

Photographs by Steve Pazst.

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