Style Counsel: Kinsley Slife


Occupation: Manager, Sloane Boutique
Style: Multiform Street Style

Photograph by Annette Navarro

How does clothing inform how you feel? Fashion and style are so all-encompassing. It’s your functionality. I think: Do I need to be comfortable? Or can I wear something a little crazier? That’s first and foremost, and then just how I feel I want to express myself when I wake up and decide what to wear.

What are your signature, go-to pieces? I love fashion on a non-materialistic level, and I really mean that. I have a thrifted $30 jacket that’s as coveted to me as my Ganni boots that I had to save for. It’s more about what a piece says. Mixing styles is really what fashion is about. I love berets. You could be wearing your dad’s dirty Nikes, but if you’re wearing a beret, you look chic. I carry my beret in my bag with me.

Do you follow any style rules? Proportion is important, but that’s about it. Anyone can do anything they want and call it fashion. That’s what street style is. We’re not really in a world anymore where you can get away with just being superficial or judgmental.

How does working at Sloane influence how you approach fashion? Boutiques are intimidating. They’re so carefully curated and usually at a higher price point. People feel like they can’t come in, and that is whack. Lower-income people, women of color, people of all different sizes, men—they should all feel welcome. A boutique experience is a whole other realm of shopping. If you can go in and be a part of it and have fun, then I’ve done my job. The whole point of having a business in your neighborhood is to enjoy it. Inclusivity needs to be priority in neighborhood businesses.

Photograph by Annette Navarro

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