Style Counsel: Floyd Johnson


This clothing designer uses a battle cry—Ohio Against The World—to rep both his brand and his home state.

As a designer, your clothing inspires others. Who would you say is your fashion inspiration? Pharrell Williams has always been a person that sticks out as being forward thinking, and he’s also a business guy. Jay-Z too. Also Tokyo street fashion.

Do you wear any of your own designs? I do. This is actually my next project I’m working on—this metallic skateboard deck. I just picked it up. I really don’t shop too much so I always kind of design for myself and what I would want to see other people wearing.

Tell me more about the skateboard. I’m doing a series of decks…this is one of three. I’m also doing a collaboration with Habitat Skateboard Company. I’m excited about it. I just want to do futuristic stuff.

I notice your hat is metallic too. Yeah, it’s like Back to the Future. Marty McFly.

Tell me about an outfit you would never wear. Woah. I’ve worn some pretty wild outfits, so I guess an outfit that I would never wear is khaki shorts, a polo, and Birkenstocks.

In this battle against the world, is Ohio on the offense or the defense? I think we’re winning. It’s a tough battle, but we’re making strides. It’s more about recognition—Ohio Against the World. So many people leave and they show support, but if we can keep our creatives in Ohio and build up our home first, that would be good.

Are you planning to stay? I do plan on staying.

For life? No. [But] for quite a bit. I just want to travel. The world is way too big to stay in one place. Cincinnati is amazing, but I’ve got a life to live. I’ve got things to see. I’ve got goals, girl. I want to go to India. I want to go to Africa. I want to go to Tokyo.

Originally published in the October 2013 issue
Photograph by Annette Navarro

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