Style Counsel: Becky & Levi Kramer


Occupation: Toddler wrangler; front line lead at Remke
Their style: Playful and comfortable

Becky & Levi Kramer
Becky & Levi Kramer

Photograph by Annette Navarro

Kids’ clothes have become very sophisticated. What do you choose for Levi?
Usually anything that looks like little adult clothes. More fitted pants that are not too baggy, and I try not to get anything with logos or sayings. We’re all right with Star Wars though, and Mickey. Levi and Jeremy, my husband, probably have outfits that almost match.

Where do you like to shop for him?
H&M, and Old Navy is pretty good.

What about for yourself?
I grew up wearing uniforms—Catholic, Seton, west side—so I’ve always kept it pretty basic, even when I got out of school. But I like accessories like headbands, hats, shoes, and purses. I probably have 50 pairs of shoes. I get really good black flats at Walmart. They’re really comfortable and under six dollars, so I’ll buy as many pairs as they have in my size.

Do you find you shop for yourself in the same places you’re buying for Levi?
I do most of my shopping online, during naptime. I found really good jeans at American Eagle. They’re slim enough, but with a higher waist; being a mom, there’s a lot of bending over. I’ll buy random shirts online from Dolls Kill, and Forever 21 always has cheap hats. Since they tend to get crushed eventually, a $20 hat is a lot nicer.

Kids leave their mark on our wardrobes: drips, yanks, and craft projects take a toll.
A lot of my tank tops and T-shirts are getting gross from him spilling stuff. I just ordered a new shirt online from Sourpuss Clothing that says “Wednesday Addams Is My Spirit Animal.”

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