Shopping List: Local Love for Local Moms


Since getting eight uninterrupted hours of sleep is off the menu for most mamas this Mother’s Day, why not treat yours like royalty, Queen City-style? Here are a few local luxuries that will make her smile, even at 6 a.m.

1. Needle Felting Kit from Felted Sky Studio
A “feltscape” from Felted Sky Studio is the perfect retreat from mountains of laundry and unanswered work emails. These kits come with (almost) everything the beginning needle felter requires to create a beautiful piece of art. Felted Sky Studio, Villa Hills, KY,

Felted Sky Needle Felting Kit
Felted Sky Needle Felting Kit

Photograph by Mud Goddess Photography

2. CSA Flower Share at Turner Farm
$50 gets her 250 stems to cut over the course of the flowering season, and the joys of watching her children run in the sunshine at Turner Farm. (Or you can babysit so she can gather asters and zinnias in peace.) Turner Farm, Indian Hill,

3. Make+Bake at Brazee Street Studios
Some like it hot, and some like it above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Brazee Street Studio’s School of Glass in Oakley offers introductory classes in kilnforming, glass blowing, casting, and more. After schlepping around all that baby gear, Mom has earned her weight in blown glass. Brazee Street Studios, Oakley,

4. Espresso Dark Chocolate from Maverick Chocolate Company
This chocolate is the perfect caffeine delivery system for bleary-eyed mothers of the under-five set, and is handcrafted from bean to bar in Maverick Chocolate Company’s historic Findlay Market storefront. Inside is what I expect heaven smells like. Maverick Chocolate Company, Over-the-Rhine,

5. Butter Me Up Hand Salve from Bee Haven Honey
Wiping all of those little noses, brows, and bottoms requires a soft touch. Bee Haven Honey’s hand salves are a must even in Cincinnati’s humid summers, and the price is right enough to sample more than one scent. Bee Haven Honey, Over-the-Rhine,

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