Layer It On: Dress for Fall at Kit and Ace

Layer It On: Dress for Fall at Kit and Ace
Kit and Ace OTR

Photo by Evan Sgouris

From the family that brought you Lululemon comes Kit and Ace, a store/clothing line featuring technical cashmere. Say what?

“We’ve taken the softness and luxury feel of cashmere and made it washable and dryable,” says Anna Cordon, public relations lead for Kit and Ace in Vancouver, Canada (where the company is headquartered). The year-old company primarily traffics in luxury basics like tees and long-sleeve shirts and was founded by Shannon and J.J. Wilson, the wife and son of Chip Wilson, the man responsible for cladding millions of American fannies in compression yoga pants. Kit and Ace’s proprietary fabric, called Qemir (“yes, it’s a made up name,” says Cordon) blends cashmere with elastine and viscose to render it launderable.

Lululemon’s brand has connected well here (Cincinnati has two stores, at the Kenwood Towne Center and on Hyde Park Square) but Kit and Ace bucked conventional wisdom and opened a shop on Vine Street in OTR’s Gateway district. Says Cordon: “We want to be in areas that are up-and-coming and creative.”

Kit and Ace, 1405 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (844) 548-6223,

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