Kevin Jones Gives “Business Casual” a Snappy Upgrade

OCCupation: Southern Ohio/Kentucky Region President, Huntington Bank
HIS STYLE: Tailored and ready

Kevin Jones

Photograph by Annette Navarro

Banking is a conservative industry. How do you spin the standard suit and tie?
We tend to work with other conservative industry partners like accountants and attorneys, so I focus on keeping the baseline more traditional—say a blue suit—and add a personal touch to it like socks, ties, or the occasional pocket square.

What’s your go-to source for suits and tailoring?
Romualdo in Madeira. People think that having a tailor is an expensive process—and it can be—but if you find a great shirt and the sleeves need to be shortened, it’s worth investing a couple of bucks to have it done. It’s so important to get that personal fit. Finding things that fit you well is the key to comfort. We tend to think of comfort as just T-shirts and shorts, but I’m just as comfortable in a pair of khakis and a button down.

You wear a lot of ties. What’s your knot preference?
I’m a double Windsor guy. I learned it from my dad and it’s what I grew up with. My wife and I have three sons who are 19, 17, and 16, and they tie single Windsors. It tends to be a little more modern—not that there’s any new, modern way to tie a tie—but the single Windsor appeals to a different generation.

Your hair gets its share of attention; it’s long for a banker. Do you get tired of fielding comments about it?
I’ve always taken them in fun. I think, in general, society has gotten so much more progressive and open-minded. Hair is the wrong thing to talk about, but from an inclusive standpoint, I think it’s great how inclusive our city and region has become and how inclusive our businesses are now. The idea that someone has to have short hair or no facial hair, that notion has gone out the window.

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