Jonathan Mezibov Can Help You Design Your Perfect Shirt

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Photo: Blair Getz Mezibov

Designer Jonathan Mezibov could have easily been a high-powered attorney after graduating from law school, but something inside him was destined for a different career path. “I have always loved clothing,” says Mezibov, a resident of Over-the-Rhine and creator of eponymous menswear label Jonathan Mezibov.

The passion that led Mezibov to the New York City apparel industry took him from writing briefs to designing shirts. “Since a law degree was not the biggest asset when it came to landing a job on Seventh Avenue, I decided to create my own business and do what it was I really wanted to do,” says the designer, who wanted to focus on making one product as well as possible. “My line of men’s shirts was the result.”

Jonathan Mezibov

Photo: Blair Getz Mezibov

The collection consists of a ready-to-wear men’s line in a variety of fits and sizes, as well as custom-made shirts for men and women. As fancy as it sounds, the custom shirt-making process is pretty straightforward: Clients can stop by the Vine Street pop-up shop for an initial meeting, where Mezibov will document everything from personal fit preference to seasonal needs. “We’ll have a dialogue,” he explains. “Do you tuck your shirt in? Do you like slim fit or relaxed? Is it for a particular occasion?”

Based on your responses, Mezibov will take your measurements (which are kept on file for future reference), and then comes the real fun: designing your perfect shirt. You can choose from a curated selection of fabric and multiple styling options—collar styles, cuff size, buttons, and more.

With all the styling choices available, Mezibov currently favors simplicity. “I am very partial to a crisp white shirt now, and our shirts feature a higher collar stand that beautifully frames the face and stands up well under a jacket or sweater.”

Once the order is placed, production takes four to six weeks, and your shirt will be delivered directly to you.

While Mezibov can come to your home or office for a fitting, he notes that most people prefer to visit the Vine Street storefront. “What’s great about the popup is people can understand our aesthetic,” he points out. “We’ve created a comfortable atmosphere for clients.”

Stop by the Jonathan Mezibov pop-up shop at 1421 Vine St. through the end of February, or visit

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