Savor Cincinnati

Savor Cincinnati is a lavish, five-night dinner series held for the first time at The View, a brand new venue perched on the edge of Mt. Adams, with stunning panoramic views of Cincinnati. The event features customized, one-time only menus developed by the city’s most celebrated chefs. Each evening kicks off with a cocktail hour with complimentary wine, beer, hors d’oeuvres, music, bourbon tastings, and more. Next, guests are invited to the dining room, where two local chefs will work together to create a multi-course meal (complete with wine pairings) and discuss each dish with guests as it’s served.

View the Chef Lineup and Menus:

Monday, Nov. 4: Caitlin Steininger, Brian Young (CWC, Station Family + BBQ) and Anthony Sitek (Crown Republic, Losanti)

Course 1: Focaccia with Mortadella, Strachino Cheese, Apple Mostarda, Marinated Olives, Sicilian Pistachios
Course 2: Coppa Carpaccio with Eggplant Caponata, Arugula, Parmesan, EVOO
Course 3: Tagliatelle Alla Milanese with Rock Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Grouper Cheeks
Course 4: Braciola with Prosciutto, Fine Herbs, Pepperanata, Roasted Tomato Sauce
Course 5: Cannoli with Homemade Ricotta Filling, Sicilian Pistachios

Tuesday, Nov. 5: Jean-Robert de Cavel (Restaurant L, Jean-Robert’s Table, French Crust) and Susanna Wong, Guy Burgess (Oriental Wok)

Course 1: Shrimp Salad Banylus, Lemon Dressing, Cantonese Shrimp Toast
Course 2: Chinese Spiced Lamb Dumplings, French Country Squash Soup, Garlic Snails
Course 3: Walleye Beurre Blanc; Fondue of Cabbage, White Bean, Mushroom, Corn Puree; Wok-Fried Brussel Sprouts with Lap Cheong Sausage
Course 4: Chinese-Style Duck Breast, Lychee Shallot; Ballotine of Quail, Local Grits
Course 5: French Cheese Flan; Candied Ginger, Date, Walnut Wonton, Fig Brandy Sauce

Wednesday, Nov. 6: Scott Deck (Funky’s Catering Events) and Alfio Gulisano (Alfio’s Buon Cibo, Ché, and Butcher and Barrel)

Course 1: Korean BBQ Smoke Pork Belly Empanada, Moscato Balsamic Glaze
Course 2: Charred Artic Bass, Scallops, Tiger Shrimp, “Smoked” Wild Mushroom Dash
Course 3: Duck Breast Ravioli, Harvest Vegetables, Shiitake Malbec and Baby Spinach Cream Course 4: 72 Hour Wagyu Short Rib, Mocha Veal Demi, Horseradish Celery Root and Parsnip Puree, Golden Beet and Yukon Smash, Crispy Vegetables
Course 5: Duo: Apple Quince Bread Pudding, Carmel Butter Bourbon, Frozen Pecan Pie MoussePaw Paw Bread Cake, Ground Cherry Compote, Cardamon Chantilly 

Thursday, Nov. 7: George Zappas (Orchids at Palm Court) and Tony Ferrari (Ferrari Bros, Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co., Fausto at the CAC, Mom ‘n ’em Coffee)

Course 1: Squash Soup, Pepitas, Curried Yogurt
Course 2: Chanterelle Mushrooms, Roasted Figs, Local Greens, Red Ver Jus
Course 3: Squid Ink Cavatelli, Capers, Calabrian Chilies, Lemon Mint
Course 4: Sakura Farms Short Ribs, Rutabaga, Rapini, Garlic Chips
Course 5: Spiced Black Raspberry Custard with Orange, Almond Brittle, White Chocolate Crunch Bread Service with House Cultured Butter

Friday, Nov. 8: Travis Maier (Jeff Ruby Culinary) and Brad Bernstein (Red Feather, Postmark)

Course 1: Beet Horseradish Cured Salmon, Salmon Mousse, Baby Beet, Egg Mimosa, Horseradish Gremolata, Red Vein Sorrel
Course 2: Winter Squash Risotto, Pepita Seed Brittle, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Sage
Course 3: Freedom Run Farm Lamb, Sunroot, Fennel
Course 4: Filet Mignon, Roasted Garlic, Creamed Bitter Greens, Sweet Potato
Course 5: Pecan Pie, Benton’s Bacon, Cereal Milk Anglaise

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