Six Local Products That Are Perfect for Pet Owners


Treat your pets to the toys they deserve. We scouted local pet shops to find six products that are perfect for those with dogs, cats, birds, turtles, rabbits, and fish at home.

Dress up your artsy pup in one of these cute collars found at Pet Wants Cincy.

Keep your feline friend entertained all day with this bird-shaped laser toy sold at Petey’s Pet Stop.

Your bird can perch, climb, and chew on this colorful hanging mobile toy sold at The Bird Shoppe.

Let your little guy climb on this life-like Zilla turtle trunk, with a floating platform that rises and lowers with changing water levels, from Animal House.

We promise your bunny will love whatever leafy green you serve in this carrot-shaped dish from Delhi Pet Center.

What fish doesn’t want to share his tank with a Star Wars AT-AT Walker? Find this one at Monfort Aquarium & Pet Shop.

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