Style Mama: Duru Armagan

Former owner of Sloane Boutique and current buyer for the newly opened Sorella Boutique in Liberty Center, Duru Armagan knows cool — just ask her impeccably dressed 2-year-old.

Photograph courtesy Aaron M. Conway

You’re a mom to toddler Jake. How has having a toddler affected your style?
For me, it’s more about comfort. You have to take care of yourself. Especially since being a mom, you realize there are certain things you just can’t wear day to day. It’s good that the sneaker trend is really big right now. I usually try to do dresses with sneakers.

Does Jake favor you in style?
As long as she looks cute, all is good. It is really fun to dress her. We like to match, but not in a corny way. I like to look coordinated with her. We even have matching Vans. She and her dad have matching Vans, too. She gets really excited about it. She loves to be naked, so I found that if I let her pick from three options she feels like she’s in control of her look.

What are some go-to looks for you as a mom in the fashion world?
I have a lot of pieces from the brand LNA. A lot of their pieces are stretchy and all cotton. I would say for the most part, if I were to reach into my closet and I still wanted to look stylish I would grab an LNA dress. I also wear a lot of ripped-up denim and a basic top, with some Gucci flats to elevate it. Effortless is something I like to go for.

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