Spotted: The Wooden Lion Toy Company


Weary of all the whirligigs? So is every other parent. Simplify your kid’s space with classic handmade toys that counteract the screen time juggernaut. Take this wooden camera, for example. You could give your kid an iPhone and you might never make eye contact with him again. Or you could hand him this play camera and watch him engage in some serious Mr. Rogers’-style Make Believe.

Wooden camera, $15
Wooden camera, $15

Perhaps best of all, these handcrafted toys are very affordable. For the price of a cheap plastic Bratz doll, your kiddo can have her own rolling dino, colorful magic wand, or Cincinnati-style Little Person.



Photograph via The Wooden Lion Toy Company
Photograph via The Wooden Lion Toy Company

And babies can get in on the fun too with colorful, stackable rings that they can sink their teeth into without ingesting styrene  and other harmful chemicals commonly found in plastics.


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