Letter from the Editor: New Normal


The first few months of motherhood can be a major reality check. Sure, you’re bursting with love for this tiny human being, bonding and cuddling with your baby like you envisioned during pregnancy. At the same time, you are exhausted like you didn’t know was possible, a bundle of nerves over every little hiccup, and you’re realizing your postpartum body is even worse than you expected.

Photograph by Amanda Barbosa

You aren’t alone. Every new mom finds those early weeks to be a physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster.

I’ve been there. For me, the sleep deprivation was the hardest part. When my son was a baby, we weren’t friends when nighttime rolled around. I remember rocking, walking, dancing with him in my arms, even taking him for a drive to knock him out. He just cried—and so did I. Finally, around 13 weeks, when he started sleeping seven-hour stretches at night, I started feeling like a human being again.

In “Get Your Groove Back,” writer Elizabeth Miller Wood (whose son Caleb is 18 months old) provides honest and informative advice to help new moms make it through that 90-day haze, from the physical and emotional recovery to managing relationships and reestablishing a social life. Finding a rhythm is not an easy process, but it does happen over time.

My son is 7 now, so we’re focused on reading skills and soccer practice. He was thrilled when we asked his second grade class to tell us what they wish for in the future. We share the kids’  bright ideas (flying cars and free ice cream among them) in “What Does the Future Hold?”  

Now that Baby Guide has an even bigger distribution, more parents can read about regional trips perfect for families, amazingly talented young performers, and the booming slime business among middle schoolers. Whether your baby is brand new or a wannabe big kid like mine, Baby Guide has the content you need to navigate this crazy parenting journey.

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Kara Renee Hagerman

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