DIY Valentines at the Contemporary Arts Center


Maybe you can’t get your kiddo to stop bouncing off the walls long enough to give you a hug, or maybe they’re so sticky you’d rather pass. The Contemporary Arts Center offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative: trace a hug at their Thursday Art Play on February 12. Families are also invited to design heart printed bags and necklaces just in time for Valentine’s, and to enjoy “yummy pink snacks.” I’m bound to spend the time between now and then contemplating just what those snacks might be. Bubblegum? Cotton candy? Salmon?

Admission to the CAC is free through March 12 while they renovate their lobby, so even if you’d rather celebrate Valentine’s Day the old fashioned way with wine and chocolates you don’t have to share, take advantage of free admission while you can. The UnMuseum on the third floor is a must-see for families.

February 12, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m., Contemporary Arts Center, 44 E. 6th St.,

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