Cincinnati Youth In-line Hockey Program’s Team Captain Is Only 9 Years Old

After trying multiple sports, Lukas began playing in-line hockey with the Cincinnati youth in-line program, where he was determined to get better. Now, after his second year, Lukas has been named team captain.

Name: Lukas Dery
Age: 9
Sport: In-line hockey

Photograph courtesy Devyn Glista

How it all started: I started playing when I was 7.

Biggest role model: My mom. She inspires me to do my best.

Greatest moment: Scoring my first goal.

Next accomplishment: I want to be able to shoot in the top corners of the net.

Pre-game rituals: To warmup, I take a few hard laps around the rink and work on my crossovers.

Favorite player: Alexander Ovechkin. He has one of the hardest shots.

Why do you enjoy hockey? I love hockey because I am good at it. I like the feeling of the wind flowing through my cage [on my helmet] when I am skating fast.

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