Recipe: The Martini, Resuscitated


We have long since passed the quasquicentennial of the Dry Martini, if you can believe it. I know, I know, you’re trying not to tear-up, but really, where the Martini is concerned, it’s hard not to be verklempt. It got progressively austere over time until it became the hoarse, Napoleonic complex of gin with a whisper of vermouth that we know—or most of us don’t know—today. It was once a Great Drink, so stir up this fabulously delicious original, and raise your glass to 125 years of history:

1 ½ oz Plymouth Gin (I find Tanqueray nearly as pleasing)
1 ½ oz Dolin Dry vermouth (Noilly Prat works well here too)
1 dash orange bitters (The Bitter Truth or Fee Brothers are both excellent)
orange twist

Stir—don’t shake—in a glass filled with cracked ice until very cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and squeeze the twist over. Garnish with lemon-stuffed olives, or by simply floating the disc of the twist on the surface.

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