MadTree Brewing


The first time Kenny McNutt and Jeff Hunt tried their hand at a Mr. Beer home-brew kit, it bombed. The two engineers (software and electrical, respectively), met while working for a defense contractor, and quickly discovered a shared love of craft beer. In 2010, the two met Brady Duncan, a former business analyst at P&G, and the three men honed 12 beer recipes while crafting a business plan. MadTree debuted PsycHOPathy IPA, its first commercially canned beer, at Great American Ball Park on April 1, 2013. (Why cans? Because they block light and oxygen, the two culprits responsible for that skunky flavor.) The recently expanded taproom selection (18 taps!) includes a chef-collaboration series—Jose Salazar and Mike Florea have each done one—plus seasonal beers, like The Great PumpCan. Growlers and howlers are available, as are $50 hydro-flasks, specially designed to keep beer ice-cold for 24 hours. 5164 Kennedy Ave., Columbia Township, (513) 836-8733,

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