Gorilla Cinema To Host Holiday Pop-Up Bars


The proverbially up-to-stuff crew at Gorilla Cinema is on-brand yet again. In addition to a third bar set to open in the downtown 84.51° building in January—this one a Lost in Translation-inspired, neo-futuristic Japanese karaoke bar dubbed Tokyo Kitty, naturally—the company is sprucing up its two existing movie-inspired bars for the holiday season.

Photo courtesy Melissa Hom

The Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge (best know for its highbrow, crowd-pleasing, treat-for-the-eyes-and-ears live podcasts) will transform into a “Miracle at the Overlook Lodge” pop-up bar starting Nov. 24 (the day after Thanksgiving) through Dec. 30. The Miracle pop-up branding and partnership started in New York City in 2014 and has since spread across the globe by going full Buddy the Elf on various bars, including everything from décor to new, punned-out cocktails (Muletide! Christmopolitan! You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out!), each served in custom Cocktail Kingdom glassware. “It’s going to look like Christmas threw up all over this place,” says Jake Trevino, bar owner and Gorilla Cinema founder.

Trevino is also spreading the holiday pop-up cheer to his second bar, Video Archive in Walnut Hills, with a Nightmare Before Christmas­-inspired “Yuletide Nightmare” concept; it started Halloween weekend and runs through Christmas, boasting a spookier yet equally immersive and ridiculous remodeling. The standard video store secret entrance has been replaced with a Jack Skellington-approved portal to Christmastown.

Both locations are available to book for holiday parties and private events, or you can just swing by if you’re in the mood to spout a few choice Jingle All The Way quotes or want to gin up the courage for your own reenactment of that Love Actually scene with the cue cards and dude from The Walking Dead. It’s the reason for the season, after all.


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