Try This: Mazunte’s Corn Empanadas


You already knew that Mazunte has tacos. But if you can pry yourself away from the sangria-marinated skirt steak (or shredded pork, or braised chicken…), order the empanadas on your next visit. They come piping hot and crispy to your table with black bean puree, rice, avocado salsa (like guacamole but not), fresh crema, and queso fresco. Because I never say no to a potato, I chose that filling (you can also get mushrooms); they were smooth and slightly spicy. And those black beans are not a thoughtless side dish like you get at an average Tex-Mex joint. They are creamy and smoky and almost upstage the main course. Almost.

$7.25. 5207 Madison Rd., Oakley/Madisonville, (513) 785-0000,

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