Boozy Ice Cream Charges into OTR

Buzzed Bull Creamery takes a more adult approach to sundaes. And no, you can’t walk out with one.

Photograph courtesy Buzzed Bull Creamery

Dinner is done, and you ask yourself: Drinks or dessert? Buzzed Bull Creamery makes no such concessions. Their answer is both. In shop parlance, “buzzed” is code for “spiked.” With alcohol. Hard liquor, to be exact.

Buzzed Bull, just before their opening

Located in Over-The-Rhine on Main Street, Buzzed Bull is one part ice cream parlor, one part bar, and one part weird science. Chalkboards behind the counter are filled with ice cream flavors, topping options, and the choice to add in a shot or two (or three) of whatever booze you can think of. Huge nitrogen tanks keep everything cool and fill the prep space with a wacky smoke effect.

Though some would call it pricey (a small “buzzed” cup is $6.69), the scoop-to-cup ratio is enormous, so you’ll leave feeling like you got plenty of buzz for your buck. The flavors are unique and delicious, with specialties like The Bonfire (Marshmallow, Fireball, graham crackers, and chocolate chips) and Death By Chocolate (Chocolate, chocolate vodka, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and brownie bits.)

Pro tip: If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, definitely ask the workers what flavors and add-ins go well with the booze of your choice.

Buzzed Bull Creamery, 1408 Main Street, Over-The-Rhine, 1-513-381-BUZZ (2899),


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