Tableside with Mavis Linnemann-Clark of Made by Mavis


Cherry Bomb Jam—a combination of cherries and jalapeños—is one of Made by Mavis’s most popular flavors. After launching her catering company, The Delish Dish, in 2012, Mavis Linnemann-Clark began selling jam the following year, and has since marketed her product to 100 regional retailers.

How’d you get into canning? I started when I was in culinary school in Chicago. I had asked my mom for a canning pot for Christmas, and I spent the winter teaching myself.

Do you use your jams in your catering menus? We make a dark chocolate raspberry jam, so one of our main desserts is a dark chocolate raspberry swirl brownie. And our pomegranate pinot noir jelly with blue cheese biscuits is one of my favorites.

How did you come up with all these crazy flavor combinations? After college, I traveled to Africa, Japan, and Italy. I learned so much about flavor combinations. When I went to start making my own, I drew inspiration from my travels.

What’s your wildest flavor? We make syrup out of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout, and we add vanilla beans, citrus, and spices.

What’s your process? We use a French copper jam pot. We do everything in-house—handmade, hand-jarred, and hand-labeled with a lot of love.


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