Try This: Marina’s Russian Food Store


I guess north Montgomery Road is an unlikely a place as any in Cincinnati for a Russian deli and grocery. But there you’ll find Marina’s, a pokey little shop at the tail end of an equally pokey little strip mall. Inside you can buy everything from cookies to canned goods. And we were pleased to see a refrigerator case with meats, cheeses, miscellaneous cakes and pastries, and some tasty stuff called halva, which is nut or seed butter mashed together with sugar until it’s a solid block of, well, sugar butter. It’s good.

And there is also candy. As many of Marina’s customers are likely homesick expats, it makes sense to carry lots of fun confections that will remind them of the Motherland and keep them (and me) coming back for more.

Tip: Bring cash. They take credit cards, but there’s a $15 minimum.

11428 Montgomery Rd., Harper’s Point, (513) 469-6100


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