Hot Dog! We Found the Best Links in the City


Last summer, we hit the streets to find the best hot dogs our city had to offer. We’re still craving them.

Chicago Dog
Mr. Gene’s Dog House
An exemplary example: an all-beef dog layered with all the fixins, including neon relish and sport peppers. The vegetal salinity of celery salt makes it pop. 

Two All-Beef Dogs
Eli’s BBQ
Skinny all-beef dogs, smoked and fried, slip into toasted wheat buns topped with slaw, BBQ sauce, and pork crumbs (the bits they put on the sides when you want ’em “dirty”). 

Kimchi Hot Dog
Red Sesame
On the menu at BJ Kim’s Eastgate location inside Jungle Jim’s market: a griddled all-beef dog on a white bun with plenty of housemade daikon kimchi, loaded with complex flavor. 

Hot Mett Cheese Coney
Putz’s Creamy Whip
A meatier take on Cincy chili ladled over a Queen City Sausages hot mett, and piled high with cheddar for a fiery, hearty tweak on the classic. 

Trailer Park Hot Dog
Atop a sturdy brioche bun, a heaping pile of creamy coleslaw tempers smokiness from both the bacon-wrapped Avril-Bleh dog and crushed Grippo’s BBQ chips.

Mecklenburg Gardens
The standard Glier’s goetta ingredients—pork, beef, steel cut oats—are all in the link, joined in a bun by a generous scoop of sauerkraut with a sidecar of Düsseldorf mustard.


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