Behold the Glory that is Fat Ben’s Bakery Pastry Pockets

One local baker gives Pop-Tarts a beautiful upgrade.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Unless you grew up in Outer Mongolia, you’ve probably eaten a few Pop-Tarts. While their nutritional value remains highly questionable, the heady combination of pastry shell filled with “fruit,” not to mention the colorful frosted top, brings out the kid in all of us. So you can imagine our unabashed glee at discovering Fat Ben’s over-the-top pastry pockets. We tried a dozen flavors and loved every bite, but the blackberry-thyme and blueberry crumble really knocked it out of the park. Formerly fuller-figured Ben Arington started Fat Ben’s Bakery in January after returning home from cooking in New York City for the last six and a half years. Arington, a self-described “eccentric,” creates all items to order—from the aforementioned pastry pockets to boldly hued wedding cakes, stunningly decorated donuts, hand-pulled taffy (often studded with sprinkles), and pastel-perfect French macarons—in his own distinctive style. Pastry pockets like the ones here can be purchased at both BLOC Coffee Company in Price Hill and Urbana Café in Pendleton. “I love vibrant colors because I eat with my eyes before my mouth,” explains Arington. Same here, Ben. Same. Here.

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