Nothing Says “Casual Brunch” Like Breakfast Nachos.

If you like to think of brunch as a vacation—where you can be comfy, relax, and someone else does the dishes—these are the places for you.

Photograph by Chris Von Holle

Calling all bloody-Mary-Averse diners: Otto’s could flip your script. Our reviewer had never found a bloody mary enjoyable enough to drink entirely in one sitting. At Otto’s, he had two. Assembled with jalapeño-garlic infused vodka, a house-made mix, and garnished with a block of cheese and olives, the drink took on a seemingly naturally balanced light-and-spicy yet hearty tomato taste. It paired perfectly with the crab hash: a plump, poached egg atop a whopping portion of tender crabmeat and just soft enough seasoned grilled potatoes, all doused with a spicy sour cream. Late morning seafood not your thing? The classy but down-to-earth Southern eatery offers up another signature dish—a twist on a classic eggs benedict, served country style with ham and hollandaise over fried grit cakes that righteously hold their own in lieu of an English muffin. Sat & Sun 10–2, 521 Main St., Covington, (859) 491-6678,

Photograph by Wes Battoclette

Photograph by Wes Battoclette

The Littlefield
You wouldn’t think there would be many people in Northside awake and functioning before noon on Sunday, but The Littlefield does a brisk day-of-rest business. Being primarily a bar, you’ll get an excellent bloody mary here, along with pitchers of mimosas and everything bourbon-related. Good meal choices include the omelette (stuffed with roasted mushrooms, spinach, and ricotta cheese); shrimp and grits infused with bacon and smoked jalapeños; and both a GLT and VGLT (featuring house-made vegan goetta). Sun 11–3, 3934 Spring Grove Ave., Northside, (513) 386-7570,

With this crunchy, creamy goodness piled high on a plate, CWC has nailed the morning entrée of your teenage dreams with their breakfast nachos. Visit this neighborhood joint any given Sunday, and you’ll see all the adults devouring them (with hands at first, then fork and knife when they get tender). Every chip is tossed in charred tomato salsa before they’re served dripping with homemade queso, crumbled goetta, an oozing fried egg, and fresh cilantro. A hit since CWC’s food truck days in 2016, this shareable (or not) grown-up snack isn’t going anywhere, like ever. Sun 9–2, 1517 Springfield Pike, Wyoming, (513) 407-3947,

Nick & Tom’s
West-siders know it, but perhaps you don’t yet: Nick & Tom’s is decidedly old school. What it lacks in frills or modern decor it makes up for in its wholesomely good grub and friendly, attentive service. The bloody mary bar doesn’t overthink the concept, and the classics are represented: bacon (or ham) and eggs, anyone? The shining star, however, is the waffle selection. A Belgian-style waffle arrives topped with fresh sliced strawberries, candied slivered almonds, a strawberry glaze, and whipped cream. On the heartier side, opt for a waffle adorned with a beer-battered chicken breast, cinnamon-honey butter, and maple syrup. Sat & Sun 11–2, 5774 Bridgetown Rd., Cheviot, (513) 574-4242,

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