A Better Babka


Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

If chocolate babka is not part of your holiday treat rotation, it should be. It is somehow cake, bread, pastry, and croissant all in one, and is therefore suitable for post-dinner party dessert, tomorrow’s breakfast, or your next 3 p.m. snack attack. Or all of the above. Some chocolate versions feature a blanket of the stuff over the top, which is cool, but Jean Paul’s version is a slightly lighter undertaking with its dusting of powdered sugar and chocolate folded into the dough, so you don’t feel like you’re eating wedding cake. Show up with this beaut under your arm and you’ll be a dinner party hero. Take heed, though: It was chocolate babka that was immortalized in that Seinfeld sketch, so if you go with another flavor from a different bakery, you’ll be fielding “lesser babka” cracks all damn night.

Jean Paul’s Paradiso, 6732 Clough Pike, Anderson Twp., (513) 231-2780, facebook.com/JeanPaulsParadiso

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