Meranda-Nixon Winery

Before the weather takes a turn for the worse, take a trip to this Ripley, Ohio, winery to relax with a sampling of their best vintages.

The land was originally used as a grain and tobacco farm by owner Seth Meranda’s great grandfather. When the farm was handed down to Seth, an Ohio State University College of Agriculture alum, he planted a vineyard—opening the Meranda-Nixon Winery in 2007. Seth currently runs the vineyard with his wife and children, who complete all the pruning and harvesting by hand.

Spend a couple hours in the tasting room, where the walls are covered in soothing Italy-inspired frescos and the background music is supplied by an original Victor Victrola. The eleven-and-a-half acre vineyard produces eight varieties of wine, from the Catawbe Estate blush wine to the sweet and spicy Trotter White to the Red Oak Creek that’s aged in stainless steel cases.

Seth will lead you through a tasting, and if requested, a tour of the processing facility to see how the family produces 1,500-plus cases of wine each year. Stick around for an additional glass or two—or visit on the second Saturday of the month, when the winery is open late for a steak and salmon supper prepared by Seth and his wife, accompanied by a bottle of Meranda-Nixon’s finest.

6517 Laycock Rd., Ripley, Ohio, (855) 651-9188,

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